Candela Sirius

Laser Treatments

Candela Sirius

Permanent Hair Reduction, Rejuvenation of Pigment and thread vein treatment

Permanent Hair reduction- Elipse HR 600

Prices are guidelines only and are subject to change.

• Packages are available on request
• Please shave before your treatment
• Always use the recommended sunscreen

These areas are treated every 4 weeks:


Lip                    R220

Chin                 R220

Brows              R220

Cheeks             R340

Neck                R260- R440

Full face          R600

These areas are treated every 6 weeks:


Under arms R450

Half arms R900

Full arms R1500


Bikini sides R500

Bikini sides and top R550

Extended bikini R750

Full bikini R950

Bum cheeks R500


Half leg including knee R1500

¾ Leg R1850

Full leg R2800

Feet and toes R270


Chest R1500

Tummy R1500

Nipples R200

Belly button path R300

Single shot for stray hair R50

Men’s Hair reduction on consultation:

Full Back R2700

Tummy R1300

Chest R1300

½ Leg and knee R2000

Full leg R2990

Full arms R1725

Under arms R575

Shoulders R630

Neck R500

Moustache R400

Beard R600

Rejuvenation for pigment and thread vein treatments: Elipse VL555

Conditions include photo aging, sun damage, Telangiectasias, Rosacea, Diffused Redness,  Hemangiomas, Spider veins, Poikiloderma of Civatte, Venous lakes, Cherry Angioma and Solar Lentigenes.

Please come to your appointment without make up.

Full face R990

Face and neck R1200

Face, neck and chest R1800

Upper back R1200

Chest R800

Hands R570

½ Arms R1030

Full arms R1495

Sun spots (1-4) R230

Sun spots (5-10) R400