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Active Skin Rejuvenation Peels
Typical areas to treat with Skin rejuvenating peels are face, neck, decollete & back of hands.
25% – 35% Advanced
Glycolic acid peeling treatments improve skin tone and texture, targets hyperpigmentation
and premature aging. It promotes true skin rejuvenation.
R650 / 60min (R2275 for 4)
Lipohydroxy Acid Peel 
Lypohydroxy Acid Peel is an oil soluble peeling agent, up to 6X stronger than Salicylic Acid, dramatically improving the appearance of
hyperpigmentation and skin texture, revealing a brighter and smoother skin.
R700 / 60min (R2450 for 4)
30/30 Peel 
30/30 Peel consisting of 30% Glycolic Acid, 30% Ascorbic Acid and Glycyrrhetinic Acid,
targets indicators of Inflammation, sun damage, pigmentation and collagen synthesis.
R650 / 60min (R2275 for 4)
Retinol Peel R800 (R2800 for 4)
Active Back Treatment 
Glycolic Acid peeling treatment specific to the back, improves skin tone & texture, targets hyperpigmentation, breakouts and premature aging.
This treatment promotes true skin rejuvenation.
R600 / 45min
Add on 45min back massage R950


Classic deep cleanse 
Includes cleanse, steams, extractions, high frequency mask, massage and moisturiser.
Teenage Facial
Includes cleanse, steams, extractions, high frequency mask and moisturiser.
Professional Beta Skin Peel
Salicylic acid is a lipid-soluble beta-hydroxy acid that is derived from the bark of a willow tree. In the Beta Peel treatment, we used it
for its effect on the lipid found in the corneum of the skin.  This self-neutralising formulation is also effective in comedones
(black and whiteheads) and congestion. The treatment will, especially with the first few treatments, cause some dryness of skin and flaking.
R550 – R650
Professional Beta Peel with Retinol
In cases where more flaking is required, your treatment will include retinol. This may be done in the skin where the pigmentation
is resistant to treatment or where the skin is not peeling adequately.
Professional Beta Peel with TCA Spot Treatments
This treatment combines the beta skin peel with spot treatments of TCA – the strongest type of chemical skin peel available from Lamelle.
It’s designed for treatment-resistant pigmented and is especially popular in the treatment of solar pigmentation in more aged skin.
Augmented Professional Beta Peel
This treatment incorporates all 3 peels in one treatment: Beta Peel, TCA, and retinol. This treatment means the change in your skin
can be quite drastic – social downtime should be expected. It’s chosen for severe aging, resistant pigmentation, and skin that requires
aggressive intervention. Note: This treatment often requires a pre-treatment program of two weeks before the treatment can start.
Barrier repair cream compulsory
Peels on hands and arms
Peel combination will be determined with each consultation
Hands R595- R1060
Hands and forearms R1320- R1750